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Homeland: How consistently thrilling it has been — up to what next Sunday will be the last of the 5th season.
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Spotlight: Probably the best journalism movie ever, even more than “All the President’s Men.” It’s honest, showing the Globe, warts and all, having first failed to pursue the story for five years, and instructive, showing just how hard, and chancey, investigative reporting can be. Might well be the best movie of the year.
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Truth: Intended to show how well-meaning Rather & Co. were — but instead shown up by “Spotlight” — and by a slippery scene — for inexcusable failure to nail down the word of one flabby witness. And, larger sin, fails to show that W. was only one of many privileged sunshine soldiers allowed into the National Guard.

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In Your Face: Martin Sage’s laugh-a-minute revival of the idea of a variety show, performed recently at the new St. Ann’s Playhouse in Brooklyn, and soon to appear at a podcast.
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The Siege of Miami: A magazine must-read, by Betsy Kolbert in the Dec. 16 New Yorker.
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