Springsteen on Broadway


img_7096-700x789Don’t expect a rousing rock and roll evening if you’re able to spring for the outrageous prices that “Springsteen on Broadway” is charging (or Stubhub). But do expect an amazing evening of theater, a one man show (except for a short interlude with his wife Patti Scialfa) much more like Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays. Yes, he does 15 songs, some on piano and some on guitar, but there is no E Street Band to accompany. Most of it is a reflection on his life, from the early Jersey days on. And it’s a mesmerizing tale, with lots of introspection along the way. The two hour and ten minute, no intermission performane held everyone in their seats waiting with baited breath for the next revelation, or song (He does 15). When he started Dancing in the Dark and the audience began to join in, he stopped and said “I can handle this one” – and handle it he did, with a slower, more deeply felt version than the one we know. It’s not something for everyone, but it works as theater, and as music. Jesse Green’s NY Times review pretty much nails it with “as portraits of artists go, there may never have been anything as real — and beautiful — on Broadway”

Howard Morgan


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