Stranger Things


ez2rrv4keth6wwycx4bamfWhen Netflix released “Stranger Things” over this past summer, it was an instant success for the creators and television newbies, Matt and Ross Duffer. The accolades came with good reason, as The Duffer Brothers, as they are known, successfully wrote a new world while borrowing from films of the 1980s.

Set in the 1980s in Hawkins, Indiana, “Stranger Things” is a science-fiction mystery that hits all the right notes. Loosely, the story is about a boy who goes missing and the various quests of his friends and family to find him.

Among the highlights of “Stranger Things” are the young actors. In their inexperience, The Duffer Brothers did not follow one big rule of television drama: do not focus a story around children. But in Netflix taking the leap and letting them throw out the rulebook, we are able to experience this atmospheric, mysterious and sometimes frightening world through their eyes.

For more about “Stranger Things,” please read Shannon Thomas’ post. I want to thank Shannon for passing the Sous-chef ladle to me and look forward to her future posts.

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