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kyle-lambert-stranger-things-posterNetflix has taken over television. Yes, that mail DVD and streaming service is now producing some of the best original programming one can find. This summer’s sleeper hit, “Stranger Things,” is an excellent addition to the Netflix canon.

The show, already slated for a second season, is a sci-fi coming-of-age story made for an adult audience. A bit “E.T.,” a bit “Twin Peaks,” with a dash of Stephen Hawking’s theoretical physics, “Stranger Things” is watch-with-the-lights-on TV at its best. The story centers around four boys in the mid-1980s, who happen upon some odd happenings in their sleepy midwest town. One boy promptly goes missing at the end of the first episode and the other three soon encounter a mysterious young girl, who goes by the name Eleven. Together they band together to save Eleven from “the bad men” and save their friend from monsters in “The Upside-Down.”

The character of Eleven is perhaps one of the most powerful female roles on TV today – and she is 12-year-old girl. She leads the pack of boys, carries a good chunk of the plot and actress Millie Bobby Brown mesmerizes with her shaved head all the while never speaking more than maybe 20 words the whole series.

“Stranger Things” might not be for you if you eschew spooky things and camp, but even if you are not nostalgic for the 1980s, the production value is worth giving the show a watch on its own. “Stranger Things” exists in its own eery little world. I’m excited to see what comes up from The Upside-Down in the second season.

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