Swan Lake

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Scene from Swan Lake

The old “snooze” has woken up with renewed vigor and beauty, intensely energized choreography and sets that are moving more ways than one.  The talent behind the dancers has come to the fore and we recognize the innovations and fresh movements with every scene.  As a matter of fact, some were invited to come for bows, including the conductor, Charles Barker, who has admirably handled all the ABT performances we have been privileged to see.

There is no doubt that the quality of the dancers is near to flawless and that what one is seeing represents the United States in absolutely the “best light possible.”  But beyond that, singularly the dancers project a level of training that is exquisite for the women, and exhibits bravado in the men.

Veronika Part danced the dual role of Odette and Odile with such precision and grace, and her partner Cory Stearns upheld his partnership with dexterity and honor.  In the last scene, Ms. Part’s pas de deux was so vibrant and strong that it seemed impossible that she had been dancing almost steadily since the first scene.

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In ­this Finale, good triumphs over evil, and it took over a dozen curtain calls before the audience departed, hungry for more.

Thanks to programming, most of these ballets are danced for one entire week so enough people can see them.  If you were lucky, you could have planned for all OR next time make sure you get tickets well in advance when ABT will be in town.

Barbara Tober

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