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In December we took another amazing trip to Africa, this time to Tanzania, with our daughter Filippa and her husband Mark. And this trip topped them all.

We stayed in three camps, starting with the most rugged and ending with the most luxurious. It’s hard to use the word rugged when talking about the gorgeous tented camps, but at our first camp (which was a mobile tented camp) you do not have running water and you’re allowed a certain closeness to the wilderness and vastness of Africa that you may not feel quite as much in the other camps.

Magical, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, humbling, enchanting, moving… These are just a few words that come to mind when one thinks of a truly unforgettable African experience. And arguably the most important element of that experience is not the camp, the food, the wildlife or the weather, but the guide. I’m not saying that all the other things aren’t important, but with the right guide, everything else inevitably falls into place.

This was Oscar’s ninth safari and Didi’s fifth, Filippa’s third and Mark’s second. We can all say without question that it was the most wonderful trip of our lives. Many of the things that made this trip so wonderful are hard to describe because they just don’t translate into writing but we all shed tears upon our departure and came home feeling closer than ever before.

We’d be more than happy to talk to you more in detail about the places we stayed and about Homann’s Africa (safari planning and guiding), so please reach out if you’d like more information (I promise we’re not on commission). Below are some of our most favorite moments we shared:

– arriving at the Emakoko lodge in Nairobi on the edge of the national park for one-night layover and being greeted by the kindest staff and hostesses

– arriving at the tented camp from Legendary Safari’s and enjoying drinks in leather foldable chairs around a fire under the star-filled African sky

– sun downers on a cliff overlooking the Serengeti in the pouring rain (which happened to be the most fun sundowner ever)

– Christmas dinner with the unforgettable staff at Mwiba lodge and our wonderful guide, Mark

– helicopter ride over the Serengeti which was like being in a National Geographic special

– Balloon ride over the Serengeti as the sun was rising behind us

– the smiling face and stories from our game driver in Sasakwa who was once a poacher and who has now dedicated his life to the preservation of the African wildlife

– the unforgettable staff at all of the lodges. The bright smiles and pleasant dispositions and dedication to making your stay as wonderful as possible

And lastly the quite humor, politeness, knowledge, jokes, helpfulness and general wonderfulness of our guide, Mark Homann.

Didi and Oscar Schafer


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