Five of us had dinner at Tavern62 by David Burke. We were delighted to see David hard at work, everywhere at once, and it was obvious that he’s back in full-stride.

Where once there was “Fishtail” there is now a wonderful and special neighborhood restaurant. Some of David’s great hits are on the menu and his playfulness is obvious. I had two appetizers — angry lobster scramble and salmon pastrami — both terrific. And while we didn’t mean to have dessert, somehow the table became filled with a lollypop tree and banana cream pie (oh my) and a waffle with ice cream.

There are several comfortable dining rooms upstairs; if you need an elevator there is one. David tells me that the restaurant is open for lunch through 11pm and never stops serving. It’s also open for brunch on certain days.

We’ve known David since he was at the Culinary Institute and won a prize to work weekends in the home of our friends who owned the Nevele Hotel at the time. It’s a delight to see that he has partnered with Jimmy Haber and his ESquared Hospitality Group that owns the BLT restaurants. Our guess is that David’s future is once again bright and that Tavern62 will be a big success.

Doug Anderson


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  1. Went there last night on your recommendation. It was terrific. Small creative menu, great staff attention….will definitely go back. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

  2. De rien!!!

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