Tenth Avenue Cookshop




Cookshop is a big, bustling space that exudes “comfortable and warm.” Sort of the feel of a casual restaurant in a ski town in Colorado. We found ourselves there as a group of six, having early dinner before walking a block and a half to the Atlantic Theatre, and it was a great choice.

These folks are serious about their cooking. Not only do they adhere to the “farm-to-table” philosophy, but what they serve is terrific and well-priced. Everyone had something different and everyone was happy.

“‘The butcher and the baker were the first chefs, if you ask me,’ states Chef Marc Meyer, whose culinary passions run deep for sustainable ingredients, humanely raised animals and the support of local farmers and artisans. The menu at Cookshop – American with a focus on seasonal availability – stays true to Meyer’s respect for the earth and its bounty.” – From their website.

Doug Anderson


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