Thank You for Being Late


9780241301449This is the usual amazingly astute but corny Friedmanesque analysis of the world right now. How can one man have such a brilliant, yet simultaneously annoying, penchant for putting his finger on the global pulse and simplifying complexity? The premise here is three forces are converging: globalization, technology and Mother Nature. Of course, even alone, they are powerful disruptors, cause chaos and bring change, and now they have joined forces. As if these three ingredients aren’t enough — add in the global trend of acceleration and stir, while I desperately long for the good old days of duck, cover and mutually assured destruction. Here is a two-minute taste. If you believe our President-elect actually believes what he said he does — that climate change is a hoax perpetuated by Chinese or whatever — read and weep.

In conclusion, there will never be a Friedman book I won’t read, but there will never be a Friedman book that isn’t better summarized in an interview, paragraph or Cliffs Notes. Even if giving him five stars is quite generous, he deserves it for disseminating the information about how climate change is ALREADY driving civil wars and mass migration. I guess we just need to wait and see if Myron Ebell is for real (but sadly, looking at his record, as hard as it is to believe, he really is a climate change denier). I’m really starting to miss the Cold War.

Nicole Charbonnet


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  1. Nicole,

    I am half way through the book and as always TF does an excellent job synthesizing complex global issues. While his comments on climate are interesting, as an investor I gained insights into the what attributes will be necessary for future individual success and achievement of a robust culture.

    Deserves five stars.

  2. agree – he’s totally great at synthesizing. it’s just that his writing style sometimes bothers me.
    would love to hear more about specifics. hope i remember to ask next time i see you.

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