The Back Door

MartinCreed_900x400_newI was invited to a VIP Preview of “The Back Door” at the Park Avenue Armory and oh dear…the Emperor’s clothes are now definitely ready for the dry cleaners!

This hodge-podge of useless “artistic expressions” – piles of boxes, lights going on and off, a piano that slams down violently, curtains opening and closing, and roving musicians, who march through each area so quickly one doesn’t hear the music anyway.

The Balloon Room is a playful idea. Filled with huge white balloons from floor to almost ceiling, one walks through and tosses them up and away until the static electricity makes your hair stand on end. Now that’s really FUN! (Can’t wait until the first mean dude with a pin goes through.)

And then there are the videos…a beautiful woman with rather unappetizing yogurt on her tongue. On the right side, rooms housing more than half a dozen “films” depicting defecation, vomiting and various other human behaviors one doesn’t usually view. Body close-ups complete with strategic hairs and one small room where obscenities are shouted endlessly are great for bringing your shrink. For some innocence, there are dogs.

Reminiscent of the Paul McCarthy installation from several years ago, this “artistic” itinerary by Martin Creed, who of course receives the usual accolades from the critics and the press, is alternately sad and disgusting.

The only question I have is about its existence…. “Why?”

Barbara Tober

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