The End of the Asian Century


e4375cbe703f958b402caf992d372367In “The End of the Asian Century,” Michael Auslin makes a good point that worrying about Asia taking over the world was less frightening than the more plausible present concern of instability in the region or an Asia in decline. A strong Asia might feel intimidating but a weak Asia could be much worse. Many people who accepted eventual Chinese hegemony never took into account demographics, social tensions and economic limitations, to name just a few of the issues that could prevent a 21st century of Asian global dominance. Auslin’s review of the diversity and extreme differences between the countries in the Indo-Pacific is worthwhile. His position is that growth in China is slowing. Economic malaise could lead to discontent and political tension. This in turn could lead to governmental diversionary tactics such as fomenting nationalism, open conflict or even war. He concludes that robust US involvement is necessary to maintain stability in the region.

Nicole Charbonnet


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