The Great Derangement

9780226526812The great writer Amitav Ghosh spent two months at the University of Chicago, courtesy of the prestigious Berlin Lectures Award. He dedicated his time there to the study of climate change. The result of his research are these lectures and have been published by the University of Chicago Press under the title of “The Great Derangement.”

This is is a scary book. It predicts doom. In not too long, many of our continents will be underwater, Cape Cod and Long Island will disappear and the entire planet will pretty much be submerged. The book places the blame on the lack of responsibility of governments and corporations, their excessive production of carbon dioxide, and the passive nature of the world’s people.

I read it and worried about my grandchildren and felt helpless. The urgency of the narrative is impressive. I hope Ghosh is wrong.

Gabriella De Ferrari

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