The Hairy Ape



We just saw the current production of Eugene O’Neill’s prize-winning play “The Hairy Ape” at the Park Avenue Armory. Bobby Cannavale is absolutely perfectly cast as Yank. His performance alone may be reason enough to see this. Paddy is also very well-played by David Costabile, an actor who may look familiar from the television series “Billions.”

Without spoiling any surprises, the staging utilizes the huge space well and dramatically. In that cavernous space, actors’ voices can get lost a bit, especially with the various accents, so sit not too far back — in unfortunately uncomfortable hard plastic chairs, but only for 90 minutes.

The program indicated that the Armory is hosting after-show gatherings with the actors at night performances; we weren’t able to stay, but if you can plan for it, this may be an interesting added touch.

Ilona Quasha


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