The Magic Flute


James Levine conducting. Great singers singing, in every part. Evil Queen was unreal. The Met… I go to operas in other cities. I heard “Rigoletto” in SF a month or so back. Very good, but the Duke couldn’t fill the room. I know, it must be hard! But they find, or pay for, those who can, at the Met.

Staging for “Magic Flute” is super. Bring the whole family. They have a kids version in English, but if you can get the little wigglers to want to join this adult, German version, it’s wonderfully G-rated and well, magical. As, of course, is the music. It’s Mozart!

(I also have it on good authority that Verdi’s “Don Carlo” being staged this season at the Met is an unusually superlative cast.)

Yours in lyricism,

Bill Lohse

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