The Missing Ingredient: What is the Recipe for Success?



This is an 87-minute documentary about Gino’s Restaurant and what it takes to become an “institution.” It also follows the story of another restauranteur trying to save his business by copying Gino’s famous zebra wallpaper.

I must admit to a conflict of interest as I was an old fan of Gino’s, and frequented it from the 60s until it closed. Naturally, Dale didn’t like it. We appear occasionally in this film that’s populated with clients and staff telling the story of Gino’s from various points of view.

We think Michael Sparaga has made an interesting and amusing film. Not only of interest to those who knew Gino’s, but also of interest to foodies with interest in the world of restaurants.

“The Missing Ingredient” is available on Amazon Video, Netflix and iTunes.

Doug Anderson




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