The Thunder and the Hurricane

174Many literate people can deploy a clever metaphor from time to time. It takes a true writer to uncover true-to-life metaphors – where life has been stranger than fiction. Our fellow VDPer, Pia Z. Ehrhardt offers up a very personal account – and just such a story in the Spring 2016 issue of Oxford American.

This is true account of her son’s soccer team and its struggle to regain pride and ground post-Katrina. In narrative, it is simply told, engaging and charming; in meaning, it may be the best metaphor of what it was like to be one of the middle-class people of Katrina. It does not drag the reader through the city carnage, which is refreshing. It also doesn’t put a guilty face on being a victim (which we all were) and just lucky…or plucky.

And no, I don’t know what the “Z” stands for. We just know her as our friend, Pia, and that is impressive enough.

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Barbara Motley

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