I never really thought of Israeli food as imaginative, but apparently the food scene in Tel Aviv has been booming. And now we can enjoy very creative Mediterranean food in New York. Timna is in the super-hip East Village at 109 St. Marks Place, and we were certainly the oldest folks there, but the food was spectacular. They do serve a must-have bread baked in a flower pot, with cheese, tomato relish and hot pesto — it was delicious. The burrata was on a bruschetta with a thick eggplant soup around it, creative and yummy. Their take on sashimi had very creative fish matched on tabouli instead of rice. Scallops, duck breast, beef and spicy lamb were all wonderful. And for dessert, their Yuzu tart fulfilled my never-ending desire for keylime pie or lemon tarts. The only negative is that it is a little cramped and somewhat noisy — but not so bad that we couldn’t talk comfortably.

Howard Morgan


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