weiner-posterWhy does a talented seven-term Congressman with a politically connected wife and a bright future throw it away in serial sexting scandals? And why does Anthony Wiener permit it all to be filmed – not just the public stuff and candid discussions with his baffled staff, but intimate conversations with his betrayed wife Huma Abedin, a trusted assistant to Hillary Clinton?

The famous question posed by MSNBC talking head Lawrence O’Donnell – “What’s wrong with you?” – is not answered in this nonjudgmental film. My guess is chronic exhibitionism – the gene that drives him to dance exuberantly in the streets in his mayoralty campaign … and photograph his crotch and post it on social media. The tabloid headlines alone make this compelling portrait of a deranged personality and NY politics worth seeing. The word on the street is that as soon as Hillary is elected, Huma will finally leave him.

Ken Roman



2 Responses to “Weiner”

  1. What a fascinating exploration not only of how people can destroy themselves but also of how they do it so wilingly publically! An awkward sentence befitting this train wreck of a life that boggles the mind in so many ways and is likely even more interesting in light of Weiner’s latest perversion with a 15 year old and Huma’s escape (finally!). You cant make this stuff up ‘cuz no one would believe it…

  2. loved this doc. saw months ago and still shaking head with disbelief.
    well done and completely agree with roxanne + ken – fascinating.

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