Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)


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Thanks to the IRL (In Real Life, as opposed to Virtual) recommendation of fellow VDP member Joshua Ruch, the Morgans and Trosts went to see “Wild Tales” at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema this weekend. This Argentinian gem, written and directed by Damian Szifron and produced by Pedro Almodovar, is an Oscar-nominated picture for Best Foreign Film. It consists of six episodes of outrageous revenge, each told with great wit and wonderful twists. The first, Pasternak, has people on a plane realize they’ve all wronged the same person (Pasternak) in some way. Anyone who’s ever had his car towed will enjoy another episode that ends with an amazing Jewish Wedding where the bride, brilliantly played by Erica Rivas, finds out about her groom’s past and goes completely ape. It’s hard to say more without giving away too much of the fun, but the Rotten Tomatoes rating of 95 is well deserved.

Howard Morgan


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  1. Correcting an error: The Jewish Wedding is a separate and distinct segment. I might add that for me the 6 Wild Tales raise the issue of the difference between Revenge (Howard’s point) and Justice. In any event, a wonderful movie and 6 distinct episodes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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