William Forsythe Dance Company at BAM

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.47.48 PMIn my opinion, Bill Forsythe is one of the world’s greatest, if not the greatest, living choreographers. No one can push the limits of dance the way he does. His company, which now resides in Germany, had this season’s debut at BAM Wednesday night. For him the stage is a great laboratory for investigation, and his choreograhy incorporates elements of dance, language and theatre. His work is filled with surprises and often riddles that he is happy to let the viewer not solve. “Sider,” his new piece, is such a dance.

The dancers occupy the stage in odd costumes, sometimes wearing hoods or odd elements of Elizabethan outfits. The dancers’ only props are simple and rather large cardboard sheets. They manipulate them, build with them, hide behind them and toss them in relentless motion accompanied by urban noise, the sound an airplane and often, their own odd utterings. They dance, run, wiggle and explore the space in amazing, odd formations. This is a complex and enigmatic performance, a riddle Forsythe does not want you to decipher. If you like dance and want see the work of a master as he explores new territories, do not miss this one.

Gabriella de Ferrari

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  1. THANK YOU Gabriella and Ben–for eloquent words about this brilliant choreographer, and for the images and videos. I won’t see it, probably, but thanks to you have experienced it and been moved–by the first one, with the cardboard sheets–who knew they could be so expressive! Love the tables performance. Maybe more overt emotion in that one. A wonder–

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